What Is A Personal Concierge?

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One day, the members of a particular networking group I frequent on Facebook were asked to share a little bit about what we do and how we help make a difference in the lives of our clients and customers.

The time came, and it was my turn to share what I do professionally. By the time I was done, I was bombarded with questions like, “What in the world is a personal concierge and how can she help make my life less hectic? How can she allow me to have more free time to do the things that truly matter to me, to spend more time with my family and to do the things I enjoy?”

Though I felt overwhelmed, I was happy they asked!

It dawned on me that not many people knew what a personal concierge is and how having someone virtually or at there home to help them make their life less busy and stress-free can be beneficial in many ways.

This gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into what I do and how my services can be helpful to anyone who’s just too busy even to think clearly, and today I want to do the same with my readers.

You see, a personal concierge to me is like a life jacket.

If you end up in a situation where you can drown, a life jacket is a handy tool that is there to help save your life.

For most of us, life is tough and hectic, and we barely have time to do what we enjoy. Sometimes we get so caught up in life’s hustle that we find ourselves drowning in worry, anxiety, fear, and guilt.

And when that happens, or if you ever find yourself in that position, a personal concierge can be that handy tool you’ll lean on to help save you from drowning in worry, anxiety, fear, and guilt.

On the days when you’re at work, and you are worried that you might not be able to leave on time so you can take your car for its scheduled maintenance, a personal concierge can see to it that your vehicle meets its apportionment on time.

If you’re worried that all of your time, after you get home from work, is spent on tidying up rooms in your home, a personal concierge can take that worry away! She’ll make sure that task is done during the day so that by the time you get home, you can focus on preparing dinner to enjoy it with your family.

If you’re feeling guilty about not having enough time to spend with your family in general, because all you do is work or run errands, a personal concierge can run all your errands for you, allowing you the opportunity to take back your time to spend it with your loved ones.

In general, a personal concierge is someone that can help you take care of all your mundane, time-sucking tasks that fill up your to-do list.

To dig a little deeper, I’d like to share even more things He/she can do to help save the lives of those who are drowning in the sea of “being too busy.”

A personal concierge can:

  • Do your grocery shopping
  • Unpack your grocery and organize your refrigerator or pantry
  • Drop off your packages at the post office
  • Pick up missed packages at the post office
  • Drop off and pick up your prescriptions
  • Take your car to its maintenance appointments
  • Drive you to your appointments
  • Wait for the plumber or other contractors to come to your home to do your needed tasks.
  • Wet your plants
  • Take out your trash
  • Make reservations for dinner with your spouse
  • Schedule appointments for spas, doctor visits, etc.
  • Do online research, get quotes
  • Schedule meetings
  • Do your birthday, anniversary & holiday gift shopping
  • Pick up your kids from school or their activities and so much more!

Amazing stuff, right?

Having a personal concierge is like having a second pair of hands.

And in this fast-paced world we live in, I think having a second pair of hands is a blessing, and we all need blessings, don’t you agree?

Now, over to you! What are some things you wish you can get help with on a daily basis?


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