The Secret to Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

The Secret to Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions
Jan 04 2018

The Secret to Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is upon us, and for many of us, that means a new beginning, an opportunity to hit the reset button and start fresh. This will be the year that I ________! We declare our promises out loud as we ring in the new year, and maybe we even believe them. But somewhere around February 1st, 80% of us break those promises to ourselves.


What if I told you that this year can, in fact, be your year to keep your resolutions? That broken promises to yourself can be a thing of the past? Before you set off to lose the weight, launch a business, clean up your finances, or whatever promise you made to yourself for the new year, do these three things first!


  1. Discover your “why”.
  2. Develop a growth mindset.
  3. Delve into a healthy support system.


Discover your “Why”


According to Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why, “your “why” is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you.” Your “why” is what motivates you. It is the driving force behind reaching your goal. It is very important to really think about why you are doing something. Your “why” will determine how important reaching this goal is to you, and give you a passion to work toward that goal.


Your “why” goes deeper than facts, it involves feelings and experiences. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you find your “why”:


How will you feel when you achieve this goal?

How will your life change?

What will you be able to do that you aren’t able to do now?

Knowing the answers to question like these will help unveil the real intention and passion behind reaching your goal.


Develop a Growth Mindset


Mindset is what you believe about yourself and your abilities. According to Dr. Carol Dweck, there are two kinds of mindsets: fixed and growth. We all fall into one of these categories. Those who are successful adopt a growth mindset. A growth mindset sees failure as a stepping stone toward success. Therefore, failure isn’t something to avoid, rather it is something to embrace and utilize.


With a growth mindset, you can have a setback, make mistakes, and stray from your path, because the journey is just as important as the end game. What you learn and experience in the process prepares you for future and sustainable success. You will come to understand that success is not a straight line to the top of the mountain, rather it involves hills, valleys, and a few detours.


You can develop a growth mindset by:


Focusing on progress, not perfection.

Celebrating the small wins.

Challenging yourself to move beyond your comfort zone.


Delve into a Support System


As human beings, we always accomplish more and do better work in relationships. We need other people to learn from, build into, to get and give encouragement, to benefit from their strengths, as well as to share our gifts. In fact, you improve your chances of achieving your goal by as much as 85% when you share your goals and have someone else hold you accountable.


So, if your goal is launching a business, then become an active member of a mastermind group and find a mentor and a business buddy. If it’s to improve your health, join a fitness challenge group and find a coach and/or trainer and an accountability partner. The point is, if you want to see success, don’t go it alone. Find a person or group of people that will come alongside you and provide accountability, support, insight, tips, and encouragement.


Keeping your resolutions this year is possible, you just have to set yourself up for success: know your “why”, develop a growth mindset, and get support! This is your year! What will you do?

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Sharla Fanous

Sharla Fanous is a mindset coach & lifestyle strategist for busy moms, and owner of Sharla Bella. She helps moms find their energy, peace, and themselves using organizational strategies and self-care.

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