How to manage the dump zone in your home

How to manage the dump zone in your home
Dec 18 2017

How to manage the dump zone in your home

The dump zone is that place in your home where everyone’s stuff ends up at.  Now, this may be your kitchen table, an entryway, or any other favorited space.  You have tried to tell them not to leave their belongings, or clear out the space, but over the next couple of days, all of the items return and even some new ones.


You are not alone.  This happens in everybody’s home, whether they live alone, have kids, or roommates.  It’s like a big magnet is pulling random bits of items from any location in the home and ultimately driving most of us insane.


Although this seems to be a “thing” with everyone’s living space, it doesn’t have to be.  At least not all the time.  There are a few ways that can ease the stress that comes with this area in your home.  It’s all about what will work for you and your family.


Dump Zone Solutions:


  • Create a place for “stuff” to go.  Take inventory of what common things tend to end up in this space.  Can you make room for them here as an auxiliary location?  Think about shoes, coats, or even mail as an example.  There are so many ways to store these items that will get them out of the way and into something that flows with that room in the house.


  • You can hound your family to remove their stuff, giving constant reminders and reprimands.  But that’s no fun, and just weird if you live alone.


  • Beautify the area so they feel bad about leaving their items there.  For example, if the dumping ground in your home is the dining room table, try setting the table even when you know you won’t be having a formal dinner.


  • If there are several people that live in the home and contribute to the items pilling up, you can have a basket or bin with everyone’s name on it and either have them put the items in the basket, or you can have one person every week do the sorting.  At the end of the week, you can have everyone take their baskets to their rooms.


  • Let go, and get in the flow.  Sometimes you need to save your energy for a bigger fight.  If you can stand to let the “stuff” pile up for a few days, it’s perfectly ok to do that!  When you have tried everything and none of your systems have worked, you can just clear out the space once or twice a week.


Bottom line, our homes are lived in.  If we are lucky, they are where we find joy, comfort, and fellowship.  Having a room in your home that is constantly in disarray can be an eyesore and a challenge to work with.  So while you are trying out one of these new routines to combat the dump zone phenomena, make sure you are still enjoying your home that you work so hard to have and the people in it.

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Diane Thompson

Hi I’m Diane! I’m a chemist by trade and an organizer by passion. My organizing approach is to “keep it simple and do what works for you”. While creating new and fresh spaces in the home by rearranging rooms and organizing I am blessed to be helping other people to make the time and room for the things that truly matter the most to them. Three things that I love are music, my husband + our four kids, and cheap wine.

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