How To Delegate Your Tasks To Free Up Your Time

How To Delegate Your Tasks To Free Up Your Time
Nov 28 2017

How To Delegate Your Tasks To Free Up Your Time

When you start your own business, and you get used to doing all your own work, it can be hard to imagine that anyone else can do the job as well as you can do it yourself.


It’s possible that no one can do it as well, but maybe someone can come close enough.


Instead of becoming overwhelmed, over-extended and letting things slip through the cracks, why not find someone who can help you reach your business goals?


Are you having trouble with letting go and delegating some of your tasks? Are you getting behind on the basic tasks that keep your business running, like email management, document processing or even paying bills? Well, now is the time to find someone to help you with those time-consuming tasks.


Here are some tips that can make the transformation easier.


Hire a Virtual Assistant


Virtual assistants are professionals who can work with you in person or online. Interview your assistant to find a good fit, ask questions, find out how much he/she charges. It’s a good idea to ask for and check references. Make sure this virtual assistant has worked for others and obtained favorable reviews.


 Start Slowly


You can begin delegating on a short-term basis; assign one project that will only take a day or two, to see how you and the assistant work together. If you like the assistant’s work ethic, then you can sign up for longer assignments or sign a retainer agreement so that the virtual assistant has time dedicated to work for you each month.


Start Small


Start with smaller tasks to test the waters: filing, organizing email folders, answering generic emails, entering new contact business cards into a database, sending thank you cards to clients, purchasing holiday gifts for clients. Once you are able to establish trust and a healthy working relationship with your virtual assistant, you can begin delegating more responsibility.


If you’re wondering what other tasks you can delegate to an assistant, here are some examples of what higher-level responsibilities might be: cold calling clients, writing follow-up letters, receptionist duties, documenting business and operational procedures, scheduling meetings and appointments, etc.


A virtual assistant can also build websites, perform web marketing and social media marketing duties.


Once you have an assistant you like and who fits well with your business, you can provide training to increase the level of knowledge and responsibility you need in your business.


A good virtual assistant will add an incredible amount of value to your business.


Establishing a working relationship takes time and patience but will pay off in the long run when you are able to confidently pass duties on.


More time means you can continue working on the things that will help your business grow and thrive.


We at Errands Master, are experienced in many areas of personal/virtual assisting. We provide services in many administrative areas such as letter writing, email management, scheduling meetings and appointments, website development and online marketing services. In addition, we can help with various personal chores, such as shopping, running errands, taking your car in for maintenance, etc.


We would love to help assess some of your business needs and show you how we can help you.


Please contact us to set up a free 30-minute consultation, or if you know someone who might benefit from these services, feel free to send them our way. We’d love to hear from you!


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