How busy moms can find time to work on their businesses

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Dec 13 2017

How busy moms can find time to work on their businesses

Are you a busy mom who’s struggling to find time to work on your side or home-based business?


I’ll be very honest with you; this is no easy task, but it’s possible, and you can do it.


Allow me to show you how.


1. Review & Analyze Your Current Schedule


The first step is to review and analyze your current schedule.


You can start by just asking yourself this question:


“What does my schedule look like from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed?”


Then take a pen and a piece of paper and write down everything!


Include the answers to additional questions such as what happens at 7 am, 12:30 pm, and 6 pm?


What are the recurring activities you do on a daily basis?


Where is your time being spent most?


If you spend 3 hours a day browsing facebook groups or looking at Pinterest boards, write that information down too.


By doing this exercise, you’ll have a clear understanding of where your time is being spent most and what activities you can stop doing to free up some of your time to work on your business.


2. Shift Your Schedule & Set Intentional Goals


After you’ve reviewed and analyzed your current schedule, now it’s time to write down ways you can shift your schedule a bit and set a few goals too.


Remember, if you are struggling to find time to work on your business, you need to be intentional and make time to work on your business.


That means you need to find ways to free up your time so you can work and focus on your business without interruptions.


So your next question to yourself should be, ” What can I do to make time to work on my business?”


As you write the answer to this question, think mainly about what you can do to get some alone time, what activities you can postpone, what time-consuming business tasks you can automate, and what activities you can stop doing in general to make more time.


For example, that could be anything from waking up 1 hour before everyone else, to spending less time on all social media platforms, to staying up for an extra 2 hours after everyone is in bed to work on your business.


No matter what you do, you want to be as intentional as possible with your time, and you want to make those time opportunities a priority to work on what matters most in your business.


3. Delegate Some of Your Tasks


We live in a hectic world where almost everything and everyone is yelling your name to get your attention.


If you work from home, maybe you have children, or perhaps you have a house full of chores and a long list of things to do.


This can get quite overwhelming, pushing you to procrastinate which then leads to you getting not a single thing done!


One of the simplest ways to make time to work on your business is to delegate your tasks. Especially if they’re time-consuming tasks.


“But how can I delegate my tasks?” you might ask. Well, here are three ways to do that.


– You can hire a babysitter or mother’s helper to cook for your family, play with your children, take them to their music or dance class, or even to the library.


– You can hire a housekeeper to clean your home and do your laundry.


– Or You can hire someone like a personal concierge to run your errands and handle all of your home management needs.


Instead of spending your time doing tasks and chores that are sucking your time dry, learn to let go and don’t ever be afraid or feel guilty to delegate those tasks to someone else.


By doing this, you’ll allow yourself so much more time to get more things done in your business.


4. Stay Consistent


If your ultimate goal is to have a thriving, successful business, then you’ll not only be intentional and diligent in setting aside specific times to work on your business, but you’ll also stay consistent with your newly made schedule too.


So, it’s all down to you, mom. Are you ready to make real time for your business?

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