8 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Assistant

8 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Assistant
Nov 26 2017

8 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Assistant

Even though there are 24 hours in every day, sometimes that isn’t enough to get regular tasks accomplished.


Trying to run an existing business or starting a new business can make 24 hours seem even shorter.


As small business owners strive to get processes in order, find clients and work on ways to grow their business, many important duties can be left undone.


Appointments can be missed, client meeting notes can be lost and other things that might hurt your business reputation, making it harder to acquire new clients.


The following are reasons hiring a personal assistant might help keep you organized:


1. An assistant can help with smaller tasks such as filing, organizing calendars, scheduling appointments and answering email. These duties are important, and a personal assistant can easily perform them, freeing up time that could be better spent focusing on projects to help grow your business.


2. When a company has limited staff and a large workload, a personal assistant can help get more work accomplished. Having an additional person carry the workload will allow employees to leave work in a timely manner so they can spend time with their friends and families. It also allows the company to avoid paying overtime to employees who must consistently work late.


3. A personal assistant can take care of more sophisticated responsibilities as well, such as web design, social media marketing, and email marketing. These tasks can be done without having to create a position solely dedicated to web design.


4. Hiring a personal assistant can allow for more flexibility; more hours during busy times and fewer hours when business is slow. Hiring someone on retainer can also make sure your assistant is available when you have unexpected projects to complete.


A personal assistant is not only good for businesses but can benefit busy professionals, families, and seniors as well.


5. A personal assistant can help an aging relative remain in his/her own home by picking up prescriptions, cleaning the house, grocery shopping and driving to doctor’s appointments.


6. A personal assistant can also plan and coordinate events such as birthday parties, wedding events or cooperate events.


7. You can avoid getting a ticket for expired tags by having a personal assistant keep track of vehicle registration and regular car maintenance.


8. When it’s time for a family vacation, a personal assistant can book flights and hotel rooms, go to your home to check up on your pets while you’re away, house sit, and water your plants, bringing you peace-of-mind knowing that someone is watching over your home.


These are just a few ways in which a personal assistant can help make your life easier. Everyone needs help now and then, why not hire a personal assistant or concierge? If you have tasks that are consuming your time and keeping you from being as productive as you want to be and you aren’t sure where to start, contact Errands Master. We can help assess your current situation and suggest ways we can assist you in making better use of your time.


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