34 Tasks A Personal Assistant Can Help You With Today.

 I recently asked this question in a Facebook community group: “Mom’s, If money wasn’t an issue, what would hold you back from outsourcing your personal tasks on your to-do list to a virtual personal assistant?”

I got over 62 responses that day!

For those who didn’t feel comfortable with the idea, they said things like:

– “Trusting a virtual stranger would be a struggle for me.”
– “I would have concerns about getting her past the security measures for certain tasks.”
– “I’m too much of a control freak to delegate tasks.”
– “I’d have to vet her for dependability.”
– “I wouldn’t delegate to someone who’s not local to me.”

For those who felt comfortable with the idea, they said things like:

– “ I would delegate everything with exception of childcare, and some of the things would have to be vetted by me before you actually do them… Like holidays bookings etc…”
– “NOTHING!! I love my VAs!! They allow me to do what I do best, serve more people in my business, bring more JOY & passion to it AND leave MORE OF ME for my Family.
– “Nothing… I’d love to be able to hire someone to help me.”
– “If money were no issue, absolutely nothing would hold me back.”
– “If money was no issue – I’d outsource a lot of things and focus on the things I’m good at!”
– “I would definitely need a checklist of some kind to help me see all of the tasks that you could do for me.“

So as you can see, while some moms were not at all excited about the idea of having someone handle their personal tasks, many others saw the benefits of hiring someone to help them with their time-consuming tasks, and if they could afford it, they would happily ask for and hire help.

I totally understand that giving someone your personal to-do list of tasks can be downright scary!

I get that some moms want to be that superwoman who can do it all and never ask for help.

But here’s the thing, you know that thing called superwoman syndrome? It isn’t very healthy for you or your family.

It can actually lead to crazy feelings of frustration, overwhelm, and burn out.

While reading some of those responses, an even more significant concern I noticed was that many of them didn’t know what or how a virtual personal assistant can help them save their precious time, and a few of them thought that they really couldn’t afford to hire help.

In case you fall in the category of the latter, today I want to let you know that you honestly don’t have to be a celebrity or a super wealthy person to hire someone to help you with your daily time-consuming tasks.

As a matter of fact, with a rate of just $35-$45 per hour, a Virtual Personal Assistant or Personal Concierge can handle at least 4-5 tasks in an hour’s worth of time.

Are you wondering how is that even possible?

Well, how about you check out this list of 34 tasks a Virtual Personal Assistant can totally take off your to-do list, which then allows you more time to focus on important things that truly matter to you.

Your Virtual Personal Assistant can:

1. Find reasonable dry cleaning services in your area
2. Find affordable home cleaning companies in your area
3. Find a handyman service in your area
4. Purchase groceries online
5. Purchase gifts and any other items needed online
6. Call companies to get quotes
7. Negotiate trash removal pricing
8. Negotiate pricing for phone or internet services
9. Meal Planning
10. Plan menu for special occasions
11. Schedule Vet appointment
12. Schedule Spa appointments
13. Schedule Doctor’s appointment
14. Book flights, hotels, car rentals
15. Find Air BnB accommodations
16. Order flowers or fruit arrangements
17. Perform online research for restaurants, local shops, or daycares
18. Research volunteer opportunities
19. Find coupons and discounts
20. Find recipes
21. Find concert tickets
22. Bill payment
23. Calendar management
24. Appointment scheduling
25. Reminder services
26. Sending greetings eCards, event invitations, etc.
27. Find activities for your kids and keep their schedule current
28. Plan events
29. Locate and book venues for your events
30. Update your social media profiles
31. Organize your contact details
32. Replying to the emails received by the clients
33. Find & send a thank you gift or postcard
34. Find local non-profit organizations in your area.

And there you have it! 34 tasks a Virtual Personal Assistant can do for you at any given time.

If you’re feeling frustrated, tired and overwhelmed, and you know for a fact that getting help will ease your frustrations and it will also allow you to focus on your top priorities, then I encourage you to delegate your tasks to a Virtual Personal Assistant or even a Personal Concierge.

Living a stressfree life and having the freedom to do the things you enjoy most should be a personal goal for everyone. If there are people out there that are willing to help you get back your time and freedom, what’s stopping you from reaching out to them?

As a matter of fact, who doesn’t want a bit of help every now and then anyway?


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